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Let me tell you about myself...
I am newly married, I have given birth to 3 children and adopted 2, and inherited 6 more adult children. I have 2 bio Grandchildren and inherited 5 more ....That is allot! But I have always wanted a big family, and now I have it. So now it is time to focus on working so we can do things with our grandchildren. I have always loved to craft things. We even made most of our crafts when we were younger and when my children were younger for Christmas and birthdays because we did not have allot of money.  But spending time with your children is priceless because they are only young once and that is where we made most of our memories at, at the Table... I hope you all will follow traditions and book your parties today. It is a great way to connect with your family & friends & click that Contact Me button below to send me an email to book yours today!

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More about how we got started the left are Simply Said Projects 6X6 inch square frame...

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